I had always loved the idea of owning a shop so I could be my own boss and have something that I had created for myself but I didn't know where to start and always just thought that it wouldn't be possible until later in life. But at the age of 20 the vision for CANE & CROWN came to me and I had to go for it. It was while on a road trip around Australia with my boyfriend, I had just quit my job in real estate with no clue what to do next when we came across a big old bus/motorhome for sale, which we ended up buying. Our families thought we were crazy - I had no job and he was still at uni so it wasn't exactly the best time to be blowing all of our money but that didn't stop us. We spent the next few months renovating the old girl and in January 2019 we left home, not entirely sure where we were headed or when we would be back. I spent a lot of time thinking about what the heck I was going to do once we got back but I couldn't think of any job I was actually interested in. Fast forward a few weeks - we've set up on a beach that we had all to ourselves, the sun was setting and he was playing the guitar = absolute heaven. And I realised in that moment that there's no reason why I can't keep living my dream life once we're home. No one was making me start a new job that I didn't like and no one was telling me I couldn't start my own business - It was totally up to me what I would do next.

The entire vision came to me that afternoon and the explanation behind the name is pretty simple; CANE = I was/am loving all things cane - cane furniture, cane jewellery, all of it. And CROWN = simply relates to jewels/jewellery. The logo design was inspired by cows  - it was a sad day if we didn't see cows on the trip and along the way I learnt more about their spiritual meaning. They represent strength, potential, calming, grounding and new beginnings. Cows also serve as an uplifting sign of female power and prestige and I couldn't think of a better symbol to represent what I want CANE & CROWN to be about.

So I returned home and got straight into it. I can't wait to see where this business takes me but most of all I am just excited to be able to bring you guys beautiful products that you didn't know you needed until now! 

Happy shopping!